The releasing of the Bible in Czech Republic

Sometimes both space and time foreground a God-event. Such was the case in Czech Republic last week, where I attended and performed in the launching of our friend Sasa Flek’s translation of the bible. This is the first modern translation since the nation was under communism. It was a sixteen year labour, and is a gift for all of Europe. Many ambassadors and leaders from various nations attended the launch, which was an artistic and cultural restorational event.

The launch happened in Jan Hus chapel, where Hus originally preached the seeds of the reformation for which he was intensely persecuted. He had a dream that one day he would return and see the painting of the gospel stories on the walls restored by artists! On this day, last week, that dream started to come true!

The bible was read by famous Czech actors who wanted to participate in the cultural renaissance. There was also a three day continuous reading of the bible from start to finish which may end up in the Genious Book of World Records! It truly felt like a second Reformation. The dutch ambassador thanked Czech’s for sending out the seeds of both the reformation and modern education through Jan Huss and Jon Comenius.

It was just so powerful to bear witness to the gift of the czech people, and to feel the dignity being restored to them as they reclaim their own cultural heritage!

Yeah God!

I was hosted by our friend Sasa and Katka and their amazing family in Prague. Amy and I were married and lived in Prague for several years, and at that time Sasa was translating this version of the bible. It was so amazing to taste and see the fruit of all his labours!

The fact that the bible was launched through the arts, was also icing on the cake for my spirit, as i got to see how God uses culture itself to download His Kingdomin europe in a gentle but powerful way. Also amazing, was seeing so many people buying their first “personal” bible in their lives. They sold 25,000 during this event!! How amazing, that The Word, would be coming through the word! How post-ironic!!

We have many pictures of the event, but you can also see the broad european media coverage if you look up czech bible launch on line. The spirit of His Story was so present that many of the presenters openly wept. It was like the memory of the nation was being restored through this event, as the word was released into this amazing and tender nation!

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