Sohne Mannheims

Derek and I first heard this singer, Xavier Naidoo, in Berlin about 5 years ago. He’s German and most of his songs are in German, but in spite of the language gap there’s something about his music that we really dig. Something spiritual and soulful. It’s hard to find the records here but I imported them all from Amazon. He had one sort of hit here in the U.S. with a song called Ich Kenne Nichts with RZA (Wu-Tang Clan fame). He has a band now called Sohne Mannheim.

Anyhow, check it out–I think it’s worth a listen. It’s classy music (never thought I’d call music “classy” but hey, it works)–some soul, some hip-hop, some pop, some reggae. I think he’s got something to say.

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