a parable about provision

I had a dream last night where Jesus was teaching in parables. And I overheard a series of parables about money and provision. In them the sunlight was always the father’s wealth, his abundance, and his limitless resources, and the growing plants were his children. This was one:

The kingdom of heaven is like pots of seedlings. In the beginning, the farmer grows his seed in protected conditions–inside a house or a greenhouse or under shelter– protected from sun, from cold, from increment weather and pests. In this way, the farmer nurtures his seeds safely so that they grow to become sturdy young seedlings. Eventually they must be moved outdoors into the place where they can grow most fully, since plants cannot stay healthy in artificial light. The light of the sun is far richer and far brighter, and few plants produce a bloom or fruit without the rays of the sun, but they must first learn how to receive the sun. So the farmer gradually takes his pots of seedlings into the sunlight and weather for lengthening periods of time each day, until they have adjusted to its total brightness, and ready to be planted into the soil.

In the same way, the Father has begun each of you from the tiniest seed. Some are still being grown so carefully in protected places, but he wants his children to stretch out and live under his abundant provision. Do you want to experience the full capacity of his light? The Father’s light has so much abundance, and this abundance is necessary to live, to grow, to flourish, to produce fruit and flower.

Dear children, trust My Father’s hand as he brings you out into the garden where you may experience His provision toward you. Don’t stretch toward the artificial light; it was there to protect you, to grow you, to keep you safe. He will stretch your land, your arms, your dreams, and multiply you as well.

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