In the mean time

What we do, and who we are, in the mean time…the in between–not just the valleys or the peaks, but when we are not yet there–not “on”. Consider the squirrels and the seasons. What is occurring before the first burst of autumn color; what is the squirrel doing when she is not walking the telephone wire or doing her aerial acrobatics. The careful storage of color in leaves–nourishing the potential explosion of interaction with light; the careful storaging and foraging of squirrels.

I wonder if who i am in the in between is as much who God sees as when i am on stage center in the middle of an obvious spirit moment of splendor or grande transformation? I wonder if what we are becoming–these sons and daughters, kings and queens, is not largely determined by who and what we are in this in between–in the mean time!

Dreams themselves occur in such a space. And, so, I think does character. In the hiddenness, the ways of God are formed. On the way to, just before, just know God in the space between!

The disciple Philip knew God in the in between–in between cities, places, appointments; as did Enoch, who ended his drama with a grande in between–in his case, in between realms!

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