being signs

The restoration of the symbolic dimension will mean truly unique languages flowing from truly unique identities within the Body of Christ. As Christ starts to restore the symbolic expressive dimension in His People, we will start to see brand new forms of expressing, which match a person’s true identity. Identity will then flow forth in new forms of expression. What this would mean to traditional discipleship language, or missions language etc, will be radical. In that we will see entirely original ways of naming how God is forming and moving through and in His People.

God is restoring the symbolic dimension on earth. Not only is this seen in the arts, but in the increase of prophetic dreams, visions-and in this part being integrated in a greater number of His People. The prophetic movement is nearly two generations old now, and is becoming well accepted and established even in the mainstream Body now. Still, it itself has not had its symbolic fully restored yet. For when it does, we will see the word matching expression. The message AND the medium will be symbolic–so that people themselves will become signs.

Paul wrote to the corinthians that they ARE epistles. In ephesians, he wrote again that we ARE God’s poems. When the symbolic is fully restored, people will indeed BE the teachings of God. Just as an oak tree speaks of righteousness, so an andy or tom would speak of God’s flourishing nature, or His dependability. When we become living symbols, we will see that many people will see a fuller picture of who God is and turn to Him. This is one of the primary reasons for the restoration of the symbolic.

As artist deal in symbols, it is easy to see the beginnings of this restoration through the arts, but I believe we will also see it in the entire Body, as He restores this part of Himself onto the earth. The prophetic movement itself is then prophetic of a further restoration of this enormous dimension of who God is being restored on the earth!

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