A bright note–the archbishop of York has come from africa to help England realize her spiritual potential as a great nation! We are excited as God showed us sometime ago that He was going to help England love herself again, and come out from the guilt over colonialism, and to see that she actually planted many true seeds among the nations. We were shown that african leaders would come back and thank their spiritual parents and help them to stand again! England truly is a nation of hope and glory, and a great parent nation to help sort out things with wisdom and an affability that is rarely seen with authority. Peter Boss, the dutch missionary, calls England a good humoured father.

“It is my job now to simply remind me of what you taught me,” the arch bishop spoke recently. To see other nations coming into England and thanking her is a great moment for us who love England and see her great destiny!

As America is going through growth trials, and a deep refinement, we are so glad to see England beginning to be given seeds of life into her soil again, so that the wisdom she carries can be shared with those who need it most!

In a time when it is easy to be cynical about the nations, I pray that instead we get God’s exact heart for each nation and pray that each is able to stand into their destinies! God loves the nations in a way we can hardly imagine. It is easy, when we see abuses to hate even ourselves, and even easier to hate other nations and people. But when we start to look through His Eyes, our hearts will turn and our minds will follow, and we will find ourselves in love, and willing to labour in healing the particular wounds of our own nations, and being with Him as He causes them to stand!

Patience sees the broken child as whole, and walks alongside her; faith sees her broken bones dancing in His Glory!!!!

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