travels, friends and God’s delight!

Wanted to thank Bryce and Sam, our friends in Lausanne Switzerland, for an amazing time together there last week. Amy and I got to be part of a music video/ film they were shooting, which was just rich with His Presence and real tangible Glory!

I got to carry an enormous disco ball taken (received from God) from a club in Zurich, all over Lausanne into some of the darkest spots of that city. Earlier in the day, I saw angels tilting a huge spotlight in heaven and beaming it down, looking for refractive surfaces. I knew that the disco ball would be one, and that it would shoot shafts of His Light all through the city and allow people to experience rays of truth and kingdom reality! So, dressed up sort of as a mystic jew, I carried this huge disco ball all over. Bryce who is an amazing director and sort of spiritual stunt coordinator just kept us all flowing and connected, and it was a real team symbol making happening!

I kept thinking of all those biblical prophets who God allowed to do things which symbolized teachings and exactly what He was doing in a certain place, How God communicates through symbolic gesture as much as word!

Got really inspired by us working together to participate in a symbolic teaching which was actually bringing kingdom reality into that city! Anyways, we had a blast, and Amy had just been asking God to let her be on a film crew and experience that style of creative teamwork! So rich. We are so thankful for the parts of His Body who are just going for it and being artist as well as teachers and leaders into their world! How Bryce and Sam remain artist and have two children who are beautiful creative poems themselves, inpired and keeps us remebering that all things are possible in Christ! Watching them be themselves and serve Jesus creatively kept re-inspiring us to go for it in every area of our own callings! Thanks guys, and God, of course!

At the end of our trip, also I got to visit friends in England and eat a proper yorkshire pudding meal at a pub in the peat district in Northern England. So hearthy and nice, rambling through the rolling gables of that part of the country, and dusting off deep friendships with Fran and Jen and briefly Mark and Hannah there! Just so thankful for all the facets of each person and how they reflect The King uniquely! What a pleasant outing!

We are now set to receive and reconverge with those Jones down in Houston TX, and as always see what funky and colorful paths we will find ourselves on next when we all touch again. Been missing them over these months, and this should be a rich time of reconnectionings! Watching all the parts of our tribe start to touch again, and thinking of how Jesus gets so much more room to express Himself when we are all together! Come delight Yourself in and through us Lord–get funky and dance and be authentic and express as deeply as You Desire!

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