Just wanted to tell everyone, we are in prayer for our friends in London, and just the city in general. We feel like a family member has had to taste death. It feels more than violational. We know that things will get worse in these times, and we need to be a place of peace for those who have nothing to cling to.

We are praying specifically that His People will fill up with His Peace to offer stability as the infrastructures shake. And that all those many prayer people and people of Peace in London will feel His Presence even more tangibly, and be able then to shed his light into that darkness. And offer those who have little to cling to, tangible love, that they too may taste His Kingdom, as the kingdoms of this earth shake and tremble. That as the darkness increases, the contrast of His Glory will be made more apparent, and people will choose to flood into His Light and Life!

Still, hard to watch friends get hit by such a life-hating spirit. I personally love London, and feel that it is destined to be a beacon city throughout the end times. Much more to go in its story. But in this hour, that it would know His inner Peace…

We know that as things progress the darkness will increase, as the evil is harvested along with the good; but we also know the later temple will have a greater glory than the former, and His Manifest Presence is already increasing within us. May it be known this week in this special city!

We send all our love from America, and even more deeply from the Father’s bossom. blessings…

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