wandering around

today spent some time looking at other friends’ blogs, which I appreciate so much. Everyone has such a different way of expressing and that’s really cool. I always get really aware when I poke around blogs that we are not super-personal on ours, which we are ok with. Part of that is because we don’t know all who reads it, and the few times that we did get responses, while they were very meaningful I am also the sort of person that likes to have those meaningful conversations in person.

But all the ways are good and there are pros and cons to being either private or open about yourself. In my case, I used to expose my inner life a lot because I was very insecure about who I was and so I wanted to see others’ reactions. But I don’t really have that anymore so I feel a lot less like I need to. Also, I have never been a short writer–which is why when I used to work for newspapers I always went way over my word limit and was terrible at writing catchphrases. I admire people who have that but I also know I have a different gift.

It’s funny, because some days I say, ‘oh I’m going to post more pictures and more everyday things’… like pictures of our very cute border collie… but then I end up writing an epic about Scotland. (Don’t get me started.)

Lately we have both been realizing we have a really basic heart to help people grow spiritually, no matter where you are at on your walk… and so I’ve felt like writing some parts of my life, places where I grew… so I’m experimenting with that and hope it blesses y’all.

Anyway, just wanted to really say that I appreciate people being really authentic on their blogs… it’s always nice to surf everybody and feel your voices… now Debbie Jones has a blog and I am so thankful for her. She has blessed our life in person and I can tell you that her voice on her blog is as real as her voice in person. She is such a deep person and we love her.

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