a little vision of jesus playing in the heavenly cascade

jesus on the cascade pouring water into africa

in this, a short vision. i saw jesus sitting on the edge of a large cascade. He was playing with the water with His bare feet–sort of arranging it in mid air as it fell. There was a huge drop off just below Him. then i became the water and fell down through many miles of space eventually entering the earth’s atmosphere. at this point, there was a sort of invisible aquaduct system which would suddenly split the water off into different channels. i saw that a huge stream of it was flowing onto Africa right now, and smaller one flowed to other areas of the planet.

it was as if jesus were just watering the earth, and directing the flow once there. all this with His Feet!

The water was purified as it passed through such distance, so that it was actually purer and more rarefied as it flowed onto the earth. The flow of the water was not random by any means, it gushed in clear passageways, though its conduction seemed still somewhat mysterious. Certain areas of the the earth were receiving much more than others, and specifically as i said, africa was getting gushed.

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