And now a break from the previously scheduled programming (ah, I have a few more pieces on ‘who is your church’–they just keep comin’!).

Here is a recent word to Australia posted on the Elijah list

you have to scroll down a bit to get to the word

We love the nations and a big part of the reason we love to travel so much is that you just get to experience different parts of God in each place… so I am always excited to read other words people have gotten in a nation.

speaking of that, a few months ago we felt like it was time to start a billboard website just for prophecies. It will be a place to gather all kinds of words. And in particular a good place to gather stuff for nations and cities. I know a lot of you get dreams and visions and words for your city or your nation, and these things are really important to share. So we are open to what you have, be it a poem or a strategy or a dream or a spiritual map. The form doesn’t matter. He is releasing authentic expressions of his voice, so they don’t have to sound like anything super-spiritual, if you dig. If you have something that might be share-able, please write ‘ word @ subway’ (no spaces). It is brand-new, so I’ll post again when the site launches off.

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