I’m still a bit shocked, when I get with jesus in His labour space, at how few of us–including me half the time- are actually willing to get spiritually “slimed” in order to hang with Him as he works.

I mean all of our neighbors and those we swirl around, are artist and and creative types, and there is lots of witchcraft, sorcery, lustful perverse stuff etc around them. But people ARE His harvest, and The Man is busy tending each person with such meticulous care. He has searched and knows each plant!

Today, i was talking with this local police woman. She is also an artist, and was really broken and open to words from God. She cried twice in our conversation, as His words went in. I kept thinking that each person I talk to daily, needs to know what He is saying to them, but how often do I tune in and offer that–not enough.

Anyhow, my prayer space this week had this deep meditation on Jesus the Labourer Farmer. He was so busy tending each single plant; and there were so few people helping out. I thought of how many people, he had saved out of bondage and how few of them were willing to go labour with Him, and it made me sad. He really is so noble to be working so hard with little help, and willing to bear or feel all the slime as He works. I really want to be there with and in Him as He works!

I’m not talking about just building church, but really labouring into people’s lives in the way He is, for one, to get to see how subtly He works, and to gain that wisdom knowledge. i don’t see another way to know Him on that level, but by actually working with Him!

I’ve wondered a lot this season, what keeps us resisting growing up spiritually. One thing is that to choose to labour means we are not going to just get to hang in the glory space, but will get dirty.

There was this great moment in my vision yesterday as i was praying, where jesus was spraying off everyone who had been working that day, with this huge glory sprinkler. There was this feeling of great satisfaction–the satisfaction that His soul has when He sees the harvest of His Own labour!

“He shall see the labor of His soul, and be satisfied!”

(exclamation point, mine!!)

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