back from the dead

Today, on the front page of The New York Times, soars an illustration of a big exotic bird with these headlines, “Back from the Dead”:

lordgod.jpg“The ivory-billed woodpecker, whose great size and stunning plumage once moved people to call it the Lord God bird (because that’s what they said when they saw it), had long been given up for extinct. The last confirmed sighting was in 1944; the woodpecker’s habitat, in the swampy tupelo and cypress forests of the Southeast, has been logged nearly out of existence. But in an anouncement that electrified the birdwatching world, scientists reported that an ivory bill had been spotted at least seven times in the last 15 months in the Cache River National Wildlife Refuge in central Arkansas….”

I keep collecting articles like this… last year there was big news in Michigan about wild cougars, who had diminished and scarcely migrated out into Canada were “coming back to Michigan.” And we were talking about it with Hannah, who said there were prophecies that the “eagles were coming back to England.”

It’s so amazing… this has to do with restoration… God bringing back things that were extinct and driven out, the animals responding to the sons and daughters… and I think we are gonna see more of this. They are signs and wonders! And how cool is it that this is the Lord God bird. yeah!

story here:

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