Howdy everybody! Hope you are finding His Season within you. We are receiving exciting new levels of revelation which we are trying to get posted at our website. It seems that God is allowing many to SEE MORE right now, so that we can all get caught up on the truths He has already released. We are sort of swamped (if that is possible with God) with His overabundance right now on every level. We know that others are going through dryer seasons as He balances out His Body to grow us all up into His Head.

I will be writing over the next few weeks from some of the spiritual seeds which I believe are available for all of us at this stage of the journey. There is a great acceleration of growth being made possible for many right now starting at the spiritual level (where all growth starts!). All things are born from above. If you think on this, you realize that this is true whether the seeds which are growing in us are from the enemy or The Lord–in both cases they begin in the spiritual realm! And the wheat-or the seeds from The Lord–is growing along with the weeds or tares which the enemy has planted.

The harvest is the reaping of ALL that has been sown–both the good and bad seeds. What we want to be growing are the good seeds. Jesus is THE seed, and all good seeds are found in Him.

On so many levels all the seed truths which God has been planting in His People are IN CHRIST, and to grow into Him, The Tree of Life.

You see that anytime we overemphasize a single truth and cut it off from THE Seed or Source, who is Jesus, we get off balanced. This weed or tare has been planted alongside nearly every true movement of God to date! The enemy’s aim is to get people to separate the truth from THE TRUTH who is Jesus! This tare has caused different parts of the Body to not receive the seeds which we ALL desperately need.

I will mention the seed of the availability of the Holy Spirit and all His Gifts here. Mainly because, this seed has been released for nearly one hundred years, and is still not growing in all parts of The Body. But at this time, God wants this, as well as other seeds or central truths He has released, to be fully received into His People. You see, that He is breaking down many walls, so that we can seed swap so to speak! He wants all of the seeds He has planted to be growing in His People.

Over the next few weeks, I will be writing about other restored seeds which are available to every part of the Body right now!

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