really musing on this teaching of God’s ability to bring about accelerated growth–making a wine vintage suddenly. On one hand it pushes against His usual wisdom parts, but on the other–with the compression of things which is currently going on, it just makes sense that many would be quickly brought to greater maturity!

In three days I will build My Temple.

It was a spiritual time He was speaking of. Spirit time is unique from regular time. God can IMPART whole annointings in an hour, which can utterly alter one’s course.

When you look at this moment of things, it is clear that there would need to be radical and deep growth in order for people to hold and comprehend the spiritual realities of our time in history. So few are even poking into their spirit lives, while it is time to be spirit strong by now.

I am praying for a release of green! Really verdant green into His People.

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