you my bread…

MANNA—us as… for one another—to know Jesus inside of one another. Not less broken than,,just as broken, (though He will finish what He started)

only, we have Him in us, living through us…and we

bear witness together, knowing Him in one another—and me seeing Jesus in Me… bearing witness to Him working through Me. Never about me—especially prophecy! That is His Spirit talking about Him in Me in You—Jesus

As He comes in more fully, people will see their soul life and accept the necessary death.. He in us, Jesus in us—together, together we express Him.

You are then my manna today—phone call to friend

you are the way I touch jesus today

I will touch Jesus in You

i will let Jesus touch Himself in You

I will prophesy from deep to deep

none of this requires me to be perfect or even in good shape!

It is Him—all about Him, all in Him

and we are…


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