tell her…

tell her, she is rich and I am about to take down her walls, and put up Myself as her wall

tell her, she is not poor, and I want the world to see My wealth by sharing it with her

tell her, that My Glory is Mine to give and I wish to give it now, so that the world will see My Glory

tell her, to stop living under a spirit of poverty which is basically selfish in seeing her worth as above My Will

tell her, it is not noble to keep spiritually poor, while I have made her rich

tell her, to give Me her walls of protection, the containers she has built, and I will become her container

tell her, this is for My Purposes of revealing My Own Riches, and she is My servants in doing this

tell her, I am coming as King not pauper, and that My Bride will be bejewelled

tell her, she is not dressed as a tramp, but as a true Bride of The True King

tell her, this means that all the riches of the cross must be entered

tell her, that she lives in heaven with Me and cannot go on acting like she is not a heavenly being

tell her, I am making her rich now, and she must get used to My Wealth

tell her, this is My Way of attracting men to Me

tell her, she must leave the lie behind which tells her she must stay ugly and poor, and embrace the truth that I am a royal King

tell her, this is a new season in her develpment as Bride

tell her, all the riches of the Kingdom are hers

tell her, she is not receiving them as she should

tell her, it is her destiny to be beautiful

tell her, she is My Bride and must now receive My Lavishings!

tell her, I am her Wall and she can give me hers

tell her this means more than protection, it means that I am about to show her the boundaries of her very being

tell her, her identity is about to be seen first by her, then the world

tell her!

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