God’s diverse expression vs homogeneity

You see that pornography homogenizes the nations. Each nation is experienced with the same objectification. This is the most overt clue that it is teaching a doctrine of death. For each nation is a unique identity, and anything which makes them all seem the same is a deceit. God is calling forth the complex and unique expressions of each nation, for they are all part of His Inheritance, and they reflect the different aspects of Himself. The enemy tries to homogenize life and take the individuality of diversity out. But God’s earth is diversely beautiful. I am contrasting here, a pornographic vision of the nations with Vision through the Eyes of Christ. When we look out from His Eyes, we see each nation as a unique expression of His Beauty and creativity. The enemy’s version of this is to have all nations with the same expression of what beauty is. The enemy disembodies and fragments the self; The Lord integrates the uniqueness of each person and nation and makes them whole. But also, and this is my point here, in the area of expression, God is diverse, whereas the enemy is homogenous.

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