We decide to live in

We decide to live in You, so You come live in us, and we grow past basic knowing into Your being itself..Your expression is so full it is contagiously magnetic…truly magestic. And as You form Yourself in us all, we come to look through nations as reflection back onto You.

We go from saying yes into this increasing knowing of You in everything around us. All our letters become these actions of meditation on Your Nature, and we no longer want anything but to know and love You more. And this not because of anything in us, but it is this more and more ongoing glimpse opening in us onto who this One is who first loved us.

We go on from the foundational things about You to enter the very actioning You are in now…we come to hear and feel what You Are being around us and within us, and even our drab neighborhoods light up from within, and This Kingdom, already in our midst, springs up into view, and once again it all leads to You who formed all life as a grand reflection and communioning with You.

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