So if the church as

So if the church as a whole has come into its sonship phase, which commenced at the “formation” or reformation period–which was the period God says He started to form His Son in us on a fuller level. to take the church from her nascent stages of birth, then medieval period wherein she ws learning foundational thought….so, in other words if spiritual development is progressive, then we need to look at what we are becoming as much as what we were at a past stage of development. Many right now are looking back at the first century church as a model for where it should be now, but we are being grown up into the fulness of The Head, so we actually ought to be at another stage of development.

The Sonship phase is one of entering inheritance, possesing land, being a priest, being a co-heir. It is moving also in our authoriy and domain on earth in Him. I am exploring this sonship phase as I think we have forgotten what we are supposed to be walking in.

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