All our best words, thoughts,

All our best words, thoughts, widest feelings compared with You Yourself God…all our schemes and plannings, our categories and musings, and then You here so vast at the Center and Beyond. A Name to unspeakable to approach yet lowered in order to know, to come into contact with this very thing You Yourself have formed. And so we turn again our inner and outer being to This One, and His Incarnation, His Son, and we simply bask and let Him gather us within Him, into Him–just to BE in Him, it is enough for all the life in Life to sing awake again through His Very Breath, oh Holy Spirit always moving, alive active; ever forming new wings onto our inner hearts..oh One who is in Grand Motion, never stuck always free and freeing..Life Itself an overflow from Your Own Communioning…just to be caught up in Your Dancing with Yourself, we are!

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