I am actually more and

I am actually more and more shocked at how few men of God are standing and speaking truth in our day. This is not a matter of negotiation. We are men, and have a responsibility to stand and protect and call forth what god is up to right now. Tell me who else is going to do this stuff. Who will speak the truth in our churches. Who will take dominion over the house of God and clear out all unclean things in our midst. Look God is bringing things to light-it is on the front page of our papers. We see the sex scandals, and gay ³rights² in the church issue, and we see the general lack of strong clear vision from the church on the key issues of our time. One example is that no one really interpreted 9-11 for the nation, or the nations. The Church just lost a great opportunity for harvest there.

I was personally at 9-11 when it happened. God had told me to fly there just before it happened. And it was a horrific alarm of what happens if God lifts one finger of His cover. This was just a warning-imagine a full judgment. I was shocked that the church did not stand and interpret this event. America has a destiny in Him. She is prophetic and for God to allow her to be hit was supremely important as a signal to the other nations. God has blessed, but we must humble ourselves and turn and seek His Face, throw off our religion as culture and get down on our knees and come to know Him. What looks secure is not. And God will use whatever spirit He chooses to shake us awake.

It was interesting to me that one of the few people to stand and interpret (speak truth) after this even was ruth Graham Lotz. Her voice was loud and clear, but so few took note of it-there really should have been a flood of clear voices to interpret this event, and a great spiritual awakening would¹ve opened over america.

I was physically shaken by this event for some times, and expected it to lead to a revival in the church. It did not. The church returned to habitual spirituality after this huge shaking. How could this be? Men did not stand and seek His Interpretation of this momentous occurence. We must come to be the ones who interpret things through the spirit.

i believe that another great event is coming which will offer us another chance to stand and be part of a great harvest of souls. Let us get ready and remain that way!

I live part of the year in Czech Republic. the history there is hard to look back on, and few do. Almost no one in the church is bold enough to look back and see its own faults in the history there. No one stood against the spirit behind communism, and so it took right over and has kept that nation in fear up til the present time. Democracy will not save it, God will. The church is the one to play the role of priest among the nations and get up in the spirit and stand in that gap, and then turn and interpret from heaven down. Tell the nations what His History of them is. It is not enough to do social relief projects, we need to be taking bullets in the spirit-standing between the enemy and these countries, so there can be healing and reconciliation. We cannot just sit and watch.

The masculine parts of the church should¹ve stood in czech republic-that part of His Arm! needs to show itself not just remain spiritual debilitated.

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