America-My eagle.. my young song–so

America-My eagle..

my young song–so many have hated you

for what I placed on your young chest-a sign of My Favor.

America, I gave you a covering for all the nations

In the mornings, I love the way you come to me and sing

freshly laden praises to Me

my teenager, my dreamer, but also my prophetic voice

into the nations-calling forth in joy

protecting in power-freeing them up by imparting

your faith to your fathers…but…

oh, how she has lacked the wisdom to ask for wise counsel

how at times she has acted as a father-builder in trying to build, when I

was asking her only to protect the birthing of, to use her wings to protect

(let England father while you sing)

(let Germany thrust forth europe as you dance)

America, you have written Me so many poems

i keep them all in a huge pile on My Desk

America I loved you even as you have mistaken blessing and resources

for your own power–all the glory and gold is Mine!

America when you grew greedy I cried for you, and

when you thought you knew too much i weeped.

America I am releasing the spirit of Wisdom onto your capital Hill

I will show you, Myself, how to use your abundance to bless into being the nations.

I am blessing.

America, your prophets make me happy in the dew of the morning!

But America, when I allowed you to be hit, you did not turn to Me and humble yourself

but for that I will not yet judge you, for My Purposes grow on your wings

About Iraq… I am loosening her-that is, my parenting right now is to give her

room to grow and find herself. You will see this America. You have not sinned, only lacked

the wisdom to parent.

America, you are a faith nation. I am able to birth my plans within you, and you have guarded my people the Jews. For this reason I will not curse you. You are a nation of great faith.

America I told your prophets that this economic resurgence would occur to vindicate your president. He is My Man for your hour-not unlike Esther was in hers. America, your call excites me, and your houses of prayer, and your willingness to build anything I mention-but you must learn My Wisdom and My Ways so i am downloading them into your bloodstream-starting at the top in Capital Hill. I have gathered my leaders there and they will recieve My Voice into their ears and plan accordingly.

Many more will hate you for My Face in your midst. And others will fall in love with your shores.

I will use you to awaken europe spiritually, for she sleeps under a dark and heavy cloud of traditionalism and humanism which starts with its own understanding and builds from below not above. I cannot move as I desire in europe, so I will send My Prophets from your land into her and awaken her slumber.

America your dry lands spiritually will not always be so. I am lighting a fire in spaces which have been spiritually cold. Places like New Hampshire will spur many to real leadership morally. New ³england² will not always sleep under the seeds of the enlightenment in her pride, but will once again sort and discern truths in My Body. Montana will see a growing sphere of My Presense-look to her arts. Mississippi will come out from her depression. Texas is Mine says the Lord! But its pride must be lowered, so its resources can ³flow²-it needs more watery parts of My Church to rise up. The men need to turn from power games to gaming resources out into the nations.

America I am not done with your president yet. I will use him mightily for My works before He is finished. He is My Man of the hour.

I am about to drop a spirit of wisdom over your capital hill, and into those offices great changes in thinking will occur-I am not done rooting out that spirit of haman, that anti-jewish spirit which has secretly crept in. It will not last much longer as it is exposed.

Your nation must find peace in Him alone in order to stand for the last parts of the final hours. I¹m not done refining My Own House there, but I will no longer withstand injustices on the city levels as well.

Houston-fix your corruptions! Arkansas-clean up your leadership! New Orleans, uncorrupt yourself from these present perversities. And many other cities and states, He is calling out for a cleansing of the house at the leadership and community level.

This economic resurgence will not stop, and will astound those who wear a critical spirit against this president. I am speaking in world language on this one, so that My Purposes will be accomplished.

I am restoring the wholesomeness to your shores for Christmas. Even california will know My Purity. I am not angry at you America, but want you to come along in your maturation. I am not asking you to be ³adult² about it all, for I have in many ways made you a free spirited youth. But you must exercise wisdom on these things.

Idaho-how I long to hold you in My Own Hands. City of Pittsburgh-clean My Rivers outside your city and I will lend My Passion into your stewardship of My Power.

LOOK TO DETROIT FOR EMERGING LEADERSHIP!! My weaponry is there, and I am raising up black men of God who will be shown how to use it! I am healing the anger and hurt and making an african american force second to none through My Body!

I am also not done with your first lady. She is mine and will be used mightily to PURIFY unclean spaces throughout the world. She is truly pure and wholesome, and the magazines which copy her words should be humbled to be scribing such pure thoughts onto its pages. I am using her on many fronts to offer a model not only of womanhood, but of purity among leadership. The enemy¹s hand will not flourish against her. She is humble and pure-these weapons do not break under pressure, nor will they! My Own Arm is Mightiliy over her. She will be spared the trials.

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