When people got cut off

When people got cut off from Jerusalem, they forgot who they were. This new movement is extremely organic and relational, but in order to not assimilate or forget our true identity, we need to remember Jerusalem. A great harvest is currently occuring in Austin, and there are few standing to help receive it. Many got hammered and left. Others came under the accusation which runs rampant in the church here. But God wants us to enjoy His Harvesting here, and to be in place by living and being who we are IN THE MIDST.

God Himself is releasing a spirit of reconciliation over the austin church, and it will be healed! But in the meantime, the harvesting is occuring, and it is fun to be with Him in this season of yielding!

Some have kept thier post, but lost sense of connectedness, but we must stay in the water or we will be drowned-if that makes sense.

Finding Him in all we do and remembering Jerusalem is the way.

We need YOu God-no matter how battered we have become by your people, or just being under the spirit of the world. We want you to manifest in our Midst. We want to BE living tabernacles for Your Glory to dwell. To BE harvesting chambers wherever we are. Let Your Hol Spirit move in and on us so that we are empowered to be spaces for Jesus to manifest! We will not forget what yohave done, and we will not forget Jerusalem. Amen

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