I’m struck by just how

I’m struck by just how cynical folks are about this current generation. We see it in berlin, prague, london and all over america. Why would this be? Surely, God has a name, a unique identity over this spiritual generation! We have gotten so many strongly toned e-mails in response to our generational writtings that we can tell the enemy has crept into this area, and God is busy taking it back! We need desperately to undestand generations from above rather than borrow the labeling from social theorist here below. It is a time when God would release a generational understanding from heaven for all those with ears to hear! We are just learning as He reveals, but it is powerful-for in it is the unfolding of God’s Ways in making generations of His Purposes. it has to do with who God IS! Not about us at all! But how He chooses to reveal Himself in space and time! Release it Lord of the generations! See the lines ane lines of people revealing Him over time! See those of jeremiah and david’s generation streaming from heaven, see now those coming into our own timr on earth-enter the stream of His Purposes-let us dialogue from this space in His Spirit, so these wounds can receive the clarity of His Light!

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