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“..by reason of use have their (spiritual) senses excercised” Part of the maturation process is growing in our spiritual “senses”. There are stages of growth, which are a prgression of coming into different parts of Christ. We are to be growing up into His fulness. One of the later stages is sonship-in it, we gain our inheritance. Of course the fullest expression of this includes the whole Body’s full maturity, but there are also phases of maturation on the individual level.

Many this season are feeling called into a newer level of Him. I say, of Him-in that each level is about getting to know more and more of God (increasing in knowledge of Him).

Some groups are entering a new level of relationship with The Holy Spirit. Two years ago, God showed me that He wanted to preach the availablility of the Holy Spirit to the baptist, for though there has been ostensibly the belief that The Spirit is active, there has been little practical ongoing experience of His Power.

God is sharing parts of His Body with one another in this season, to begin this work of maturation. He wants our spiritual senses to get excercised, and grow into fulness. We are to make as much of Him present as He wants to manifest. Our work is to yield to what He is trying to reveal of Himself in our midst.

I think this is more than signs and wonders, but it is at least this much. We travel through many parts of His Body. Different parts have received understandings of different aspects of His Life, and tend to emphasize that part. We need all the parts working together (with what every joint supplies). And for us to let Him Unify Himself (which only He is capable of dong), we need to be willing to let Him excercise our spiritual senses.

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