lots of talk about justice

lots of talk about justice and injustice in the US papers makes me think about one of the foundations of His Throne being Justice. i haven’t really thought much on His Justice frankly-but that is changing as we approach a time when darkness and light are both harvesting forth on the earth, and the divisions between the two are made manifest. This offers then a clearer choice, which is Mercy on His part in that it offers us once again another chance to choose what is right..how much Mercy which preceeds judgment is not often emphasized. But if we are judged based on how we responded to the truth we knew, then it makes sense that He wants to make the truth clear. the end times are a time of harvest-what is harvested is both evil and good which has been sown..to harvest is to make it manifest so it can be seen clearly and people can choose. It is fair to punish a person who chooses evil-even our natural systems get this. But God is excesssive in His Mercy, so the person gets over a million chances to choose good up til the end. Esau had a different destiny than say the guy who runs the little hippie grocery down my street. they will be judged according to whether they turned towards God in response to the truth they were shown. Esau is not judged just for being jealous of jacob once. throughout history Esau (later Edom) kept refusing to bless and protect Jacob (later Israel). Esau was given numerous chances to turn and use his gifts-the sword-to protect his brother. But he would not. I think God still wants to give esau a chance, but Obadiah says he won’t turn so he must be cut off. God wants everyone to know Him and turn to Him-that’s His Love; His judgements in fact are often an act of Mercy-as i the coming increase of evil and good on the earth-this is Mercy for it allows us to choose more clearly. But His Justice means that if we persist in evil it will reap death.

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