“truths” being divided from The

“truths” being divided from The One who IS Truth…religion re-invented as a body of doctrine, of statements about NOT FROM the actual beng of Christ-resplendent, full, radiantly awake. “Apart from Me, you can do nothing.” Over and over He said this. The pharisees had doctrines. It is almost as if christian doctrine replaced the law and served in the same religious spirit–letter apart from spirit kills. Doctrine apart from His Being is not IN The Truth.

Doctrine, docere teachings…but You Christ are the Teacher and The Teaching, The Life and the Light.

So if we know the creed but we don’t know The Christ what good will empty words do us-empty religious activity outside of Him. He told the pharasees that they knew the law but not the God who made the Law. It is the same problem. Eli falling dead when religion did not turn out to be God.

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