So to move on into

So to move on into this thing…if the church has a soul and a spirit, and is currently soul dominated, so that people are making plans and programs out of thier natural thinking and sight; how would we make the transition to a place where we are being led by His Spirit in our spirits? It is like the charismatic movement was spirit to spirit but was not yet integrated with the soul parts of His Church-like all sky no earth. But if there is a newer level of Him Integrating Himself in His People then the soul parts and spirit parts of The Church need to meet-there is no dualism in Him. He made the earth, the physical body, and He is Spirit…so I’m thinking of how He is going to help us see with our spiritual eyes and hear with our spiritual ears, so that we can place the soul in proper relation to the spirit-it is not about eradicating soul, but putting it in the proper order–it is never about no cool coffee shops or great art, but letting all activity flow from that conversation between His Spirit and our spirits!

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