He who dwells in the

He who dwells in the SECRET PLACE…the “secret place is where it all begins-it is the East within-the origin point, The Source of all action without-that place of dialogue between our spirit and God’s.

It is like the inner wellspring of living waters. The next part of the verse promises that if we DWELL in this inner conversation space which is just between God’s spirit and ours, we will be shaded. This is the shade coming from the Tree of Life-Jesus the Christ.

Outer action flows out from this secret place between you and God-it has a unique shape and nuance for each believer who has entered this direct dialogue with His Spirit. We must return here often until it becomes our dwelling, your home. Returning is facilitated by word and worship and listening prayer…where you enter consciously the dialogue ongoing between His Spirit and ours. Psalms 91:1.

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