the jews where given a

the jews where given a place to gather so G_d could teach the nations..instead bec of disobedience they were spread throughout the other nations. Redemptively, God blessed the nations which havened His People. God loves His People, and He blesses those who bless them. Nothing has changed about God. Here in Paris, we are staying a Jewish section, and there is an overt and tanglible spiritual covering over it. God is faithful. People are not!

The Church did perhaps even poorer in the area of obedience; going so far as to kill Jews and each other. God had two plans to reconcile humankind to Himself: the jews and the church; the first, a sort of natural literal method; the second a metaphysical spiritual method. In both cases, people were disobedient, so that the church which should be so rich is poor, and the Jews which should be teaching the knowledge of God are scattered, and in many ways, cut off from the role of teaching the nations.

God is good! God is unchanging. There will be a day when the nations gather to Jerusalem to learn His Ways. There will be a day when the full number will be gathered by the fragrance of The Righteous Son. God will be known, and His People will know and love Him, and the lion and the lamb, the jews and the church will bring the world to His Peace, which is the only lasting Peace.

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