OVer the past ten year

OVer the past ten year or so, God has been dropping different metaphores into His Church to help reveal what Hs is doing. He dropped athletics, military (these two were received and seemingle overemphasized), a cellular metaphore-so you see “cell” groups everywhere and that biological language; a party-with its language of celebration-here you have rarefied or heightened times as at a party, and then carry that back into your everyday lie; a house-here the model is family life as a Kingdom container-all of these still function and are being used in different parts of His Body to guide people to the next step for them. I want to introduce one more-GRAVITY as a metaphore. This is about being pulled into Him-things being engulfed, or baptized into–evangelism as being a space for Him to pull or draw all things to the Father-language such as “being in Him”-it has a more metaphysical semantic pool to draw on, and it feels like Christ is shared more impartationally….being living tabernacles, hidden IN Him….at this point it might freak a few folks out, but God likes to stretch our semantic containers from time to time!!

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