Joshua got to be like

Joshua got to be like the river between the general body of Israelites and the special agents of the Levites and Judahites! God gave him the order for the whole commotion. God wanted everyone to know His Order for the crossing. God likes revealing Himself that is part of His Nature. And He wanted to make it clear to Joshua that it was God taking and giving land not Joshua-so He showed Joshua the heavenly armies who were poised to fight. Joshua met the True Commander! This, for one, showed him his rank-for two, it made it obvious that it was about more than taking land-God was judging those “ites” as well as giving land out, and He was showing Joshua what He was up to. When God does warfare, He is also always making Himself known! He teaches as He possesses land. It is all His to do wiht as He sees fit, we partner with what He is already doing! Joshua knew that when He was telling those levites when to go and how far back the general assembly needed to stand!

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