He’s looking for a heavenly

He’s looking for a heavenly people. We ARE supernatural.THe church is a manifestation of His Presence on earth-we are a body for Him to indwell. We ARE a living temple. We ARE a place for Him to tabernacle. He loves getting to express himself through these ragged and glorious poems! Release us into our freedom to let you sing through our particular nuances Lord-you made each of us, now free us from religion, and all other pressures outside of YOU dear living Hero Jesus. We want You formed in us, so that people can actually encounter You in us-let the ark of the covenant glow in our hearts-release a quick vision of how You see us Lord!

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Midrash on the Psalms

Reading the Psalms again today (little midrashing for you today!), as I often do, as they seem like the center (and therefore centering parts of

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