Getting to know who we

Getting to know who we are above is core-that is consecration. It preceeds commisioning. You have to know who you are before you are told what to “do”-identity preceeds calling. I think so. Your authority on earth comes from being who you are above with Him. that much is basic. Domain is that part of life on earth that you are given to clear in Him. You have authority there. the church doesn’t know its domain-if it did the world would be flooding into His Kingdom! We re a supernatural people meaning we are seated with Him and act down from that position-this is the opposite of pride, for it means that the only authority we have has to do with our proximity to Jesus.

One of the things that religious spirit does is make our position above based on works-it is saying that the cross did not accomplish what it did, and that we must with our good religious activities fill in what it did not do. The fact is we are absolutely approved by God because of who Jesus is and what He did-so when we substitute religious activities for His Blood we do so out of fear and pride-fear that we aren’t accepted. Pride that we are able to enter the Throne room based on anything other than His Grace.

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