We miss the Jones. Gosh

We miss the Jones.

Gosh we miss you guys, and I know you don’t go surfing from blog to blog and we don’t either, but I just happened upon Andrew’s brother-in-law’s blog, and he had pictures of the clan up and I just wanted to say

HEY GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now I know someone from England or Germany or America might read this and probably even reads Andrew’s blog and if you see this and write to Andrew could you tell them hi for us, or maybe Andrew’s brother in law would read our blog and and say hi in his blog. Maybe our blog could talk to your blog and that would talk to his blog which might receive the blog that our blog really wanted to say.

So us poor people who live across continents from each other should have webcams set up on Sundays where we can just watch each other washing dishes and doing Sunday things in our house… which is kind of the way community is on Sunday. You think of everyone you love and you shuffle around the house in your slippers having lazy half-conversations with your housemates but you don’t necessarily want to talk to anybody, just know they’re in the same room and everybody’s staying warm.

My friends Sandie and Owen spend their Sunday nights in their sitting room, away from everybody else in their house. Owen plays guitar and sorts bills. Sandie reads and organizes her desk. Sometimes they talk but usually they’re just being. In the same room. That’s Sunday. Intimacy but still doing that one private-world thing you’ve been wanting to do all week for no reason.

and so we are sitting here in Texas missin the cold rainy weather of Prague. I ain’t complainin about the Texas sunshine but just today I was telling Derek that I wanted the kind of winter Sunday that was so cold you have to come inside and get your fingers warm enough to feel anything (you know you get numb in Michigan), and sit near a fire while your mud-and-salt-caked boots sit at the door with a hot chocolate in your hands and watching too many movies. Here in

Texas every day is like the first day of spring so you always want to be outside.

Hey everyone we haven’t seen in a while. We miss you.

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