hello friends. It’s a balmy

hello friends. It’s a balmy evening in Austin and we are sipping Italian ruby wine from our friend Shannon and looking over photos from our wedding. Mary captures all of us from His Eyes!! So sweet to see the whole motion of it from that heavenly perspective-we are jsut so thankful to have so many fully lovely and alive in Him friends-so much Delight. The images are like poems from wet spring–everything coming alive in a space that had been waiting for color. We don’t know what to say–it is like looking into the looking glass in Lord of the Rings and seeing the truth about ourselves, who we are really in Him. Like Kim, who floats diaphanous as an elegant angel–and Abigail who so lovingly shares the inner flowers of her being along our path//and jen who simply refuses not to shine and be in Him, and bea who just IS!

And Andy and the jason and the men being youngly wise and evocative-just so much love pouring out on everyone involved–we can never thank enough-it is like He is letting us receive the full gift of it now! Samuel in shades being our secret service…

thanks Jen for another of your gifts to us, and to everyone who was just there, just yourselves. love, both of us

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