hello everyone. we are eating

hello everyone. we are eating kosher tea biscuits (that kind of look like those bourbon tea cookies I love so much). It was between that and matzo balls.

We’ve just been surfing around and looking at our friends stuff and we think that Andy’s brain is inspiring us into our greatness.

Other than that, we’ve discovered that everyone blogs more than us. I am at least happy that Abigail writes serious things because we are so intense and we are always writing heaven thoughts. But I am happy for Andrew and his regular updates because it makes us feel connected. Bea just made Derek think of the colour (spelled properly). fuschia.

I (Amy) was listening to French tapes in the car today and I am driving Derek crazy with (es-keh voo comproneh) and trying to pronounce that R with a dry mouth. Derek asks Ant to have a cornish pasty to commemorate the deep moments shared by those two great men. (Derek wrote that.) Well we miss everyone, sleep well. We are under the big Texas canopy and beeing friends. Derek is reading about St. Patrick and I am studying the history of corsets.

that is all.

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