Sunday night. Jen is hanging

Sunday night. Jen is hanging at the Jones. Amy and Derek are enjoying their last night in Prague for a long time. We are headed toward AMERICA. yahoo.

These are Amy and Derek stand-ins with their lomo (straight from an English fashion magazine–we had no idea we were being filmed filming ourselves!). We’re always taking these pictures of ourselves with our cameras, our latest of which is a Lomo (a small Russian spy camera used during Communist days). These are all the wow; Andrew Jones is making them famous, but we had to join the tribe and buy one. We also have a Polaroid “joy cam.” Some Joy Cam moments for you all:

So here we are the night before a big transition. We always feel like making art right before we leave a country. This is the old Austin studio and Amy cutting and pasting till her heart’s content:

Austin, we’re comin’ home!

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