Recurring is this notion of

Recurring is this notion of each nation as a person, and how few people are seeing the mantle or destiny of the nation they are from as relating to their own identity.

Like each nation has a true identity or purpose which was their intended function at the table of nations. But few nations seem to know their own destiny. I think in this hour that God wants to reveal this to each land so people can stand into their role in the overarching drama.

So last week, we are in Berlin meeting with a small group of believers in an apartment. Their leadership strength was so obvious to us as Americans but hidden beneath the guilt voices over the German psyche. So to say to Germany-yes you are a strong leader causes cringes among them as well as other European nations. As an American I feel we have a role to call forth other nations into their roles or callings-to help name and restore each ³person¹s² true identity-to bless them into their greatness.

We passed from Berlin into Switzerland. In doing so we passed from a father leader nation (Germany) into a refuge peace guarder, protector of Holy Things nation in Switzerland. There are two unique roles or destinys. They reflect different aspects of God Himself. They are part of His creativity and reflect different aspects of His character.

Amy¹s recent commissioning leads into thinking of what it means to be commissioned-to have more of Him to share into His People. Hers has to do with knowledge and teaching, mine with bearing fruit. It seems to go in this order-calling, consecration then commissioning. Calling is your job. Consecration is to be placed all the way in Him-ie to be pulled up into Him more fully; then commissioning is what you are sent out to ³do².

For both Amy and I there is this sense that our overarching commissioning is to be IN HIM. That is to live out of Kingdom reality as normal folks. To live in that Kingdom continuum, which has nothing to do with being super-spritual and more to do with just standing into the open veiled access provided through what Jesus did. It is a fact that we have access to the Holy Place because the veil tore when Jesus died-but in this season many are being called into a living ongoing experience of these realities.

I felt also on this trip to the house party that God was more closely knitting us with our true friends-like to actually be a support to one another. All the way there, this theme of deeper intimacy with His People-especially the ones He is linking us intoŠ

There is this sense of a NEWER LEVEL of being in Him. Like each friend is being asked to go higher in Him. For some this means old undealt with wounds, for others to stand into areas of authority which He wants to let them stand into in this season. For us it seems to mean a more constant being IN HIM. The consecration level has intensified for His Purposes! He is pulling us further into Him, so that none of our identity is in ³ministry² or building a name for ourselves or in gaining human validation-rather a newer level of getting to know Jesus. This of course is all we ever wanted!

Just growing in knowledge of the nations, and in intimacy with Jesus-as I get closer to Him, I am seeing them more as He sees them less as I had in the past. How He sees people and places, and aligning with His interventions is another higher way.

SO foR amy and I this next or newer level feels like a new level of being in HIM-less focus on our own stuff-ministries or healing processes, and more just on HIM. The commissioning comes-Praise The God above the rest! He is actually able!

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