into the nations…the various members

into the nations…the various members of His Family reflecting different parts of HiM…


getting to know the nations as reflections of different parts of Him

as we learn a nation, we are encountering different hues of God Himself-His creations-His Art.

praying “into” a nation-is to ask God how He views it and what He feels about it

and how He is currently oriented towards it

prayer is then joining Him-basically agreeing, it is thus His

Authority that you are praying within.

example fragments over a few nations:

france-nation of My delicacies-sweet namer of the intricacies of My Beauty…i savour her

for savouring Me–keeper of My refinements. Lord may she be refined to not idolize her

own beauty, but to know that it is her gift to other nations

how i want to move-balefires-ie small communities of My Fire kindling around into a small

network of communions-not a grand lurching pool of My Fire, but lots of smaller ones

in france, these balefires are little community fires umbering all over france-networked

at a distance, but not centralized in a traditional institutional way.

In Europe, in general, I am insuing Myself into-in the sense that I am offering her an incarnational

experiencing of ME..but she must humble herself out from under traditional views of the Godhead!

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