Well we are both tired

Well we are both tired of Christian cheese on covers of really special books, for example. Or the way most Christian bookstores look–it’s not that the content isn’t really special. Many books with pictures of golden wings and flashy eagles have heaven content, but the frame doesn’t. In other words, the content was by revelation but the cover wasn’t. Perhaps it intended to–if the book is about war why not a sword? If the book is about the temple why not an ark? But here’s the issue He is addressing with us–it is not about level of sophistication or subtlety or spectacle of design–or whether certain images correspond to certain ideas or disrupt them. It is about–how does He house His gold. With plastic? It seems He is waiting for designers to ask Him questions like, what color would You prefer for the links on my website?

He is just as concerned with the door–the entry into His heart–as He is into the inner chamber. He is asking us to live by revelation in ALL aspects of creation!

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