Joshua annointing for gap leadership-to

Joshua annointing for gap leadership-to inspire, instruct inform both the artisan priest and the general Body. Got that today from heaven. Also just thinking about heaven in general-how the fact of open access based on Grace still baffles me. I can be screaming at a stranger in traffic and be standing beside Elijah-has nothing to do with how well I’m performing. Also thinking about the weight of glory-like literally the weight of the heavenly realms verses the clunkiness of this realm, and yet I enjoy the thinginess of things-that old wheelbarrow that the poets love-me too. The two gospels for this instant: His World is here and available (gospel of the kingdom); and the gospel of Grace-it is open access because of what The Man did nothing we do. Living from the up, downwards-not in a high and mighty sort of way, but in a the kingdoms are manifestly touching at present sort of way.

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