Category: symbology

Regathering Meaning

I’m still looking at this idea of God’s restoration of the symbolic realm of communication. Here I am looking at true associations versus false ones. The notion of renewing the mind, includes renewing the image center of it, or the imagination.

People, things, places each have meaning clusters around them. To reattach the true cluster of meaning around each thing is part of God’s restoration of the earth. On a city level, each city has come to be associated with certain ideas–Paris, for example, is associated with romance, passion, beauty etc. Berlin with might or strength, decision making. A false association placed on Berlin from the war is abusive use of power. But we can see that this is not a true association. The fact that it is mighty or powerful city does not necessarily mean it is also an abusive city.You see in our time a real battle in the realm of what things mean. Jesus is the light, which in part is the understanding of what things mean. He is working to reattach things to their true meaning clusters, so that it is clear, that, for instance, woman’s body is not associated with evil. Or bread with death.


The Symbolizer

All things symbolize. Learning to encounter God through the symbolic can become a core part of our spiritual lives! To know him through art, cities, nations–to read them as expressions of aspects of His Being is such an exciting adventure of life and exploration, which allows us to see one another and our world as part of God’s art!

God wants us to be able to read the symbols of our personal lives as well as the symbols of our world. People create symbols, as we are made in His Image. To learn to read symbols is a worthy journey, not just for artists but for each of us.

For some time, i have been exploring the relation between cultures and symbols. My father studied anthropology–collective rituals and the desire humans have to make communal symbols, which can be shared and understood. At university, i also studied religious symbols and the need each culture has to make symbols of transcendence.