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Yeehaww, a new website!

We’ve had the same ole design for our bearable light website since 2002. I loved doing that design. All my previous designs were done completely with tables and spacer gifs (and if you’re a graphic designer you know what I mean). A few years ago when I discovered that tables were going to become the backwards way of doing things I immersed myself in relearning stylesheets. (At the time, there were lots of web standards gurus railing against the losers still using tables–but lo, even till a year ago was using tables! I thought it was all a bit funny–people take these things so seriously,)

Derek and I love the circus and especially the old Vaudevillian posters and advertisements. Sprinkled throughout the old site you’d see a hodge-podge of old fonts I dug up, clip art of Russian dancers, Irish jiggers, rabbis, pieces from Polish cyrk posters. I wanted it to look old and wordy, like a proclamation from an itinerant preacher. And Derek had one of those in his family–he ran an ice cream truck and traveled throughout the country giving away pencils that said, “Jesus loves you”. Archie Butts was his name.)