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Our Bethany

Bethany. Where Jesus got His colt to ride into Jerusalem. Where His friend’s lived. Where His people from the north lived. Where people kept pilgrimaging to, over time, and stoping just before going in…

Where He rose His good friend from the dead. Where He prepared to go in on His final mission to Jerusalem. Where He symbolized His own death and resurrection beforehand by raising this friend, Lazarus, from the dead. Where He last saw His disciples before His great ascension…

Bethany–town of healing, town of the sick. Town where the leper Simon encountered true restoration. Town, where Jesus went to get away, but also to prepare. Town near the garden of gethsemane-garden where the 2nd Adam conversed with the Living God.

Town just out of view of jerusalem. Hidden haven town. Town of friendship. Town of retreat. Town on the holy mountain-the mount of Olives- near the holy city. Unassuming town. Town of the colt. Town of kindness. Town of familiarity. A place for pilgrims to stop after a long journey, just before going into the heart of God.

Where Jesus portended, signed, symbolized, Himself. Where He revealed, in the arena of friendship, all that was to come. Where Martha, another close friend, came from. Martha, who He showed Himself to after the resurrection. Martha, who couldn’t leave the tomb. Martha, who ran back and told the disciples, it was true. This little town which prepared and was a sign post of the whole mission.

Place of symbol. Place of healing. Place of miraculous. Place very close to the city. Place you stay just before the big mission. Off stage town, just before the big act town. Place in our life where we can just be. Not Hebron-not just Sabbath–but a town of rest with preparation and symbolic activity. Place of the micro, which prepares you for the macro. We need a Bethany to get to our Jerusalem.